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complex web language

While i have been in my web class for almost 18 weeks, The rabbit hole has been exposed. How much of this should I learn? I recently purchased a bunch of books on web design. One part of this complex avenue is responsive web. I need to read it to allow for a more flexible design for my portfolio. It states on the first page you never know what someone is actually reading it on. So with the overall complex web language I am adapting to, I need to learn how to make it viewable on an ipad and a cell phone as well . Geez the demand for every applications accessibility is ridiculous. I am glad that the fundamentals of design doesn’t change usually just the medium for which we view it. Thanks for that.


java script

I came across a website while educating myself about javascript. Hopefully this helps anyone who is using this language. This was provided by

Advantages of JavaScript

  • Speed. Being client-side, JavaScript is very fast because any code functions can be run immediately instead of having to contact the server and wait for an answer.
  • Simplicity. JavaScript is relatively simple to learn and implement.
  • Versatility. JavaScript plays nicely with other languages and can be used in a huge variety of applications. Unlike PHP or SSI scripts, JavaScript can be inserted into any web page regardless of the file extension. JavaScript can also be used inside scripts written in other languages such as Perl and PHP.
  • Server Load. Being client-side reduces the demand on the website server.

Disadvantages of JavaScript

  • Security. Because the code executes on the users’ computer, in some cases it can be exploited for malicious purposes. This is one reason some people choose to disable JavaScript.
  • Reliance on End User. JavaScript is sometimes interpreted differently by different browsers. Whereas server-side scripts will always produce the same output, client-side scripts can be a little unpredictable. Don’t be overly concerned by this though – as long as you test your script in all the major browsers you should be safe.