Monthly Archives: February 2012

Web design simplified

I have come across some pretty interesting software that I would like to share with you.

Freeway is the software which I am speaking about. Suppose you a designer whom doesn’t

want to learn all the code in the world to accomplish you webpages well here is the software for you.

Well thats the devils advocate. My perspective from using it is, A very efficient program the interface is a little buggy.

These break throughs in software scare me it’s like im going to simplify everything to a point where my children can build my website.

This creates a complication when your working in the field, But  everything always has there pros and cons.



Usability issues in web designs

#1 The browser size changes from user to user. Make sure that it is consistant on different size monitors.

#2 No matter how much they are annoying there should always be a form. Try to encourage people to use the form even if it is a 3 line form. Get that email address.

#3 The constant landing page subjecting viewers to accept too much information. The home page is supposed to introduce you to the company not push you away.

#4 Cross browser capability, this is a constant disturbance to doesn’t allow every user to enjoy your webpage in the manner that it was meant.

There are so many just wanted to touch on some of the one most people are aware of.