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Color is a emotional driving element… Use It

When we look at colors there is anĀ  automatic reaction within our minds that takes place.

The proper color choices drive people to the appropriate message you are sending.

Considering we are designing with an intention of a clear message, we need to understand

the impact colors can have on the mind.

In my researching process I have found some nice links for color theory.

Enjoy the concise descriptions of color and how we view them.



Take the long road or the high road

With the over populated world of web accessible template functions, how should one meet the website requests <question-mark>

Do I build everything from blank and design to meet a clients needs who really doesn’t know what they want<question-mark>

There are many available options to meet ones needs for 35$ add some custom css work we have a webpage <period>

This opens a larger conversation of which route do I take <period>

The templates don’t meet portfolio needs but paid work means a lot to a person who needs money and experience <explanation point>

history of graphic design

My brain feels like mush from the knowledge
that was transfered this morning.